Mobile Auto Repair from Your Mechanic

Don’t you just hate bringing your car to the shop?


Especially when it comes to something as routine as an oil change or a tire rotation, the hassle of scheduling the appointment, finding backup transportation, and haggling with the mechanic is more than enough reason to put off regular maintenance and other repairs longer than is healthy for your vehicle.


There is a better way. Your Mechanic, a mobile auto repair company, meets the needs of modern drivers by providing an easy, no pressure way to bring the auto shop to you. That’s right, they are a collaboration of mobile mechanics whose sole purpose is to provide you all the services of a traditional auto repair shop from the comfort of your own home.

What Does a Mobile Mechanic Do?

It’s really quite simple.


Your Mechanic’s 3-step process cuts out a lot of the back and forth hassle that comes with scheduling with your usual repair shop. It goes something like this:


  1. Describe the problem.
  2. Get a straightforward quote.
  3. Schedule the work.


Once your appointment is scheduled, they will dispatch a mobile mechanic to your home, office, or apartment at the designated time, and they’ll complete all of the repairs on site. They bring everything with them, from lifts to parts to tools—and your mechanic will even lay down pavement mats, seat covers, fender aprons, and other materials to ensure that no mess is left when the job is done.


What sets Your Mechanic apart from traditional shops is the ability to do all of the scheduling and billing online or from their mobile app without ever talking to a person. They’ve obviously got a phone line to call if you need them, but most modern drivers love the ability to get it all done online.

How Does Your Mechanic Operate?

Interestingly enough, Your Mechanic doesn’t actually train or hire their mechanics. Instead, they partner with certified mechanics throughout the country who are hand-picked based on high standards of quality and kept in check by community ratings.


This novel business approach allows them to provide mobile auto repair services to motorists throughout the United States without the overhead costs that come with leasing an auto shop, stocking parts, and maintaining equipment. It’s a win-win partnership. Local mechanics get more business and you get the best of the best from your community delivered to your front door.

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