Emergency Auto Service


Emergency or emergency assistance services:
24 hours, every day of the year
To enjoy the unforgettable road 24 hours a day, every day of the year, HDI Seguros offers you multiple services and services.
Towing to the nearest or to indicate where you shop, if a mechanical breakdown, accident or theft, the vehicle could not move under its own power (up 100Kmts.). Mechanical emergency assistance if your vehicle has a defect, flat tire, battery not working, locked out of your car, want crank, brakes won't work, any of these will prevent it from moving or driving normally.

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Car help needed ASAP

Consult the scope and conditions of the services detailed above.
At present most of the mechanical workshops include the computer service to control the entire sensor system of automotive engines with electronic injection.

The problem is that when some of the sensors or the central computer of the vehicle fail, it stops instantly in any place, the highway, in the middle of a crowded highway, in an avenue, or in the most inopportune place and moment. This is a real problem and there are almost no emergency services to assist in these drawbacks.

In most cases, you have to call a crane service to take the car to a workshop where you can perform the corresponding test with the computer to detect and correct the fault. The problem is even greater if the failure occurred at times when the workshops are closed or on holidays.

A very interesting business idea is to create a 24/7 emergency service with an electronic injection engine control computer aboard a utility vehicle in order to assist the automobile in trouble at any place and time.

Without doubt implementing this service will allow you to get many customers quickly.


Emergency Auto Services