How to drive a 10-speed transmission


Learn how to work on and repair a 10-speed transmission.

A 10-speed transmission in one of the most common and the simplest to move tractors and trailers. Like manual transmission in a vehicle, the shift pattern on most large trucks is designed to an "H" format standard. The main difference is that in large trucks there is a lower and a higher or higher range. Transmissions that carry more than 10 speeds also have an additional divider. Driving semi forces the driver to slow down, which is not so common when driving a car or other smaller vehicle with a manual transmission.

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Driving a 10-speed tractor trailer truck


  • Allow the engine to idle long enough for the vehicle air pressure to reach its range. Make sure the radio button is in the low-range speed pattern. The button must be in the down position to be in the low range.
  • Start the clutch and start the second gear. The lowest speed and the first, are generally not required unless the truck stops on a slope or carries a heavy load. Just as the truck does not require the driver to step on the accelerator to move it forward. Release the pressure on the clutch slowly until the truck begins to move. Slowly you see accelerating as you watch the tachometer.
  • Switches to the next gear, once the rotation per minute (rpm) is around 1,200 to 1,300. To change gears more effectively, press the clutch just enough to disengage the transmission and remove the shift lever from the gear position and release the clutch. Re-engage the clutch while decreasing the revolutions per minute and gently place the shift lever in the next gear change position. This method of displacement is known as double clutch and will help increase the long-term life of your transmission.


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  1. Repeat steps 1 through 3 through low range gears. Before switching to the first gear in the high range, turn the selector knob up to present it for the next gear change.
  2. Make the double clutch and put the shift lever into the next gear. The purpose of the high-speed range selector is to enable the driver to continue reuse of the same gear positions without having to move the gear lever in a pattern that would require the gear lever to end in a position that would be difficult to reach a tractor trailer repair company.

Large 18-Wheeler Simi Trucks, lower the speed of the truck. Reducing the pace is a bit harder than shifting up through the gears. You must perform much of the same procedures, however, just before switching down to the next gear you will have to touch the throttle to increase the rpm. The rpm of the lowest speed is higher than in the top gear and to lower the speed successfully you must get the transmission speed and the engine to match. Remember to turn the selector switch down for low range before attempting to change gear.
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