Auto Repair Shop

Whether you drive a four-door sedan, an SUV, a minivan, a pickup or any other type of vehicle, at some point you’ll need to employ the services of a car shop. Auto repair shops typically serve a wide variety of makes and models. Some are dedicated specifically to foreign vehicles or luxury models, and others are well known for a particular type of services, such as transmission repair or engine rebuilds.

Types of Auto Repair Shops

When you are looking for an auto repair shop, you have three basic options. Here’s a quick primer.


Dealership Auto Repair Shop. These crews operate within a car dealership, acting as the service team for used vehicles acquired by the dealer and also servicing vehicles purchased by customers. Dealer mechanics often are the most expensive, and they are skilled at upselling unnecessary maintenance. While a lot of motorists get a sense of peace of mind from having their car serviced at the same place they bought it, most people who know anything about the auto repair industry wouldn’t recommend a dealer.


Local Auto Repair Shop. These car shops are usually locally owned and consist of a single service location or occasionally a small network of nearby vehicle repair centers. Sometimes a single mechanic serves as owner, operator, and salesman. As business picks up, they may hire other part-time mechanics (or eventually full-time ones) in order to keep up with the demands of customers. Small local shops typically offer the best prices. The staff is typically down-to-earth mechanics who are very knowledgeable and honest about your car repair needs.


Chain Auto Repair Shops. Somewhere between the dealerships and the small town shops are chain auto repair shops. These are multi-location regional or national chains that offer a cookie cutter experience no matter where you get your service from. Examples of chains are Goodyear, Pep Boys, and Midas. The staff at franchises like this are usually skilled at customer service but don’t always have the same expertise as a local car shop. Expense-wise they usually fall somewhere between dealers and local guys.

Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop

Finding the right professional to take care of your vehicle isn’t always easy. You might worry about being ripped off or sold on repairs that you really don’t need. Even worse, you might choose someone who does shoddy work and puts your car in danger. To find the right auto repair shop, you should spend plenty of time asking friends and family for recommendations, as well as reading online reviews. Look for a local shop that has a reputation for honest business practices and high-quality repair work.


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