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The basic steps to fixing and replacing your brakes

One of the basic services to the car will always be the brake system, due to its constant use, friction of parts and high temperatures is one of the points that needs constant revision because the wear that generates in the brake pad as in the Disc becomes drastic, we will talk about front disc brakes because at the moment it is what is installed most of the factory in most of the marks, besides clear this one to know that the greater braking pressure always generates in the first axis, for Which, it is completely normal to change the front brakes more regularly than the rear brakes.


Easiest way to replace drum brakes

How to replace disc brakes?


Changing the front brakes is a relatively easy and simple procedure, however, this does not leave aside the necessary precautions and safety measures to get the job done. Our website is dedicated to informing and training vehicle owners in basic concepts and maneuvers that we should all be aware of because even when we do not execute them, we will open a wide panorama of the procedures and repairs necessary to leave it in a workshop. service.


Car Jack

The first thing to do is loosen the nuts that hold the tires, once loose, with the cat, lift the vehicle until the tire stops touching the ground, once done we will have a “donkey” that we will put in some strong point Of the chassis to rest the weight of the car on the “donkey”, this way we will make sure to protect our integrity.

Once in the drums, we finish to completely remove the nuts that hold the rings and we have the free space to operate!


suv brake caliper replaced

The first thing to do is to look for the screws that hold the caliper or jaw, these screws are the ones we see in the image marked as assembly bolts, once we loosen them and remove them remove the caliper and we will be closer to having changed the front brakes.


Once the caliper is no longer connected, the brake pads indicated in the image are exposed, so we remove the old ones and put the new ones, that if we have to clarify that depending on the state of the brake disc it will be necessary to rectify or change it , If before making the change of front brakes there were no vibrations between 40 km and 80 KM per hour when the brake was needed and also there are no deformations on the face of the disc it would not be necessary to do anything for which we can leave them like this!
If on the other hand there are visually deformations and there are also vibrations in the pedal or steering wheel when using the brake would make it necessary to evaluate the state of the disk with the intention of knowing if it can be rectified or it would be necessary to change it for a new one.

New disk

Once you make the decision to rebuild the front brakes either leaving the discs as they are, either rectify them or buy new ones the process will be the reverse of the way it was disassembled, it is important to take into account that the piston must be retracted Which presses the fibers, as this piston has progressively departed as old fibers or brake pads have worn out, so that if the piston is not moved back, the piston will not engage or enter the jaw! For this, there is a specific tool however with a large plier’s you can do it!

You should also take into account that you must lubricate the pins that are in the guides before arming to make sure they have good mobility!

Grease caliper bolts

Once this is done you only have to fit the front disc brakes of your car

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