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  • Housekeeping: Martin Luther King Day
    Hey there B and B. Just checking in here to let you know we are off on Monday to celebrate/recognize Martin Luther King Day.
    Tim Healey
  • 2022 Audi A3 Quattro Review – Sleek Sport Sedan Seeks More
    It’s really easy to love a sporty entry-luxury sedan that has all the right handling moves and doesn’t totally break the bank. It’s a bit less easy to love a car with Audi badging that seems to be short of some luxury features, features that you no doubt could have – if you just spent […]
    Tim Healey
  • Citroën CEO Claims Electrification Will Kill Boxy SUVs
    Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée is under the impression that sport utility vehicles are about to become extinct. “The world of SUVs is done,” he remarked in an interview with Auto Express , claiming that the aerodynamics of electrified vehicles – designed to maximize efficiency – will probably put an end to flat-faced SUVs.
    Matt Posky
  • QOTD: What's Happening With Tesla?
    Mr. Guy wrote this morning about Tesla and how it appears that the company's cars are being sold to rental fleets. As most of you know, large fleet sales are often seen as a negative mark on the health of a company and can also tank resale values.
    Tim Healey
  • Used Car of the Day: 1971 Datsun 240Z Series I
    Most days, we look for quirky used cars, or inexpensive ones, or project cars. Yes, we've tossed a few classics up there -- two or three '60s Ford T-Birds, for example, but it hasn't been the normal modus operandi.
    Tim Healey
  • Tesla Drops Prices, Potentially Ramps Fleet Sales to Rentals
    There’s never any shortage of topics to discuss about Tesla – whether it’s nattering about Musk’s behavior, the company stock price, or its hands-off driving aids allegedly causing a pile-up on a busy motorway.  This morning, a pundit tweeted they saw beaucoup de Tesla sitting idle at a Hertz location, suggesting the company may be […]
    Matthew Guy
  • One More Time: Nissan GT-R Updated for 2024
    Thanks to Nissan’s glacier-like design cycle, most of us are intimately familiar with the silhouette of the brand’s mighty GT-R. Last night in Tokyo, company reps rolled out its latest smattering of updates for the long-running supercar.
    Matthew Guy
  • QOTD: What's Next for the Jeep Cherokee?
    We've reported about Stellantis idling the plant where the Jeep Cherokee is built, and today Matt wrote about how the options list for the vehicle is narrowing . It appears that the current generation will be finished after the 2023 model year. So, what's next?
    Tim Healey
  • Rare Rides Icons: The Lincoln Mark Series Cars, Feeling Continental (Part XXVII)
    Making our way through the trim-laden legacy of the Lincoln Continental Mark V has consumed all of our attention over the past few weeks. After spending some time on the mid-tier Luxury Group packages of 1977 to 1979, we pored over the Designer Series editions of 1977 and 1978 . The latter of those two […]
    Corey Lewis
  • Nokian Expanding Tire Factory in Tennessee
    Finnish company Nokian put down roots in the South a few years ago, opening a brand-new facility just northeast of Chattanooga back in 2019 where they currently employ about 350 locals. In a spurt of good news for the area, Nokian has announced they plan to bump that number to 475 by the end of […]
    Matthew Guy