How to find a local automotive mechanic

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How to find a local automotive mechanic


Having your own workshop is the dream of every good mechanic. Maybe you have been repairing vehicles for a long time and since you are a skilled and versatile technician, you want to become independent instead of working for someone else. Therefore, you need to know the regulations and variables that will help you know how to set up your mobile auto mechanic shop.

Idea and capital

In the US there are more than 253 million vehicles , so a mechanic can be a profitable car repair business idea. However, that idea must land, so you need a plan to begin to chart the actions to follow. What kind of workshop do you want to set up? How much budget to start operations require? How to get financing: you will cry credits in the bank, you postularás to state subsidies and / or number them with investment partners? All these questions are useful for the auto mechanic workshop project to progress and not be parked.

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Location and location
There are places of greater public affluence and connectivity. Therefore, they have more added value for your business. The price will surely be more expensive. If you do not have much money, a good alternative is to choose a good local car dealership near you, there will be a natural movement of potential customers.



Legal procedures
You can not accelerate and overlook this fundamental step. To create a company you must determine the type of legal partnership, your tax obligations and obtain a municipal permit. The start of activities you do before the Internal Revenue Service (SII) and thus you will receive your Rut of a taxpayer. As a micro-entrepreneur, you can also take advantage of simplified income tax regimes.

Staff and suppliers
How to build your automotive mechanic shop without human capital? Once the legal and financial procedure is resolved, you can focus on your workforce. As a mechanic, you probably know efficient and reliable workers … but you should not only worry about the repair experts, but also helpers, clerks, and legal advisers.

Another important player: suppliers. Make sure you have a flow of tools, auto parts, oils, and lubricants at convenient prices. Do not sacrifice quality because your customers will notice. Taking Care of reaching agreements and look for discounts.

The workshop
It is the home of your automotive mechanic workshop project. As for infrastructure, you have to consider the following:

Tools: electrical diagnostic equipment, paint material, spare parts, and oils can not be missing in your inventory.
The Pit is the mechanic’s pavilion. Ideally, you have a hydraulic jack and electrical system.
A Winery gives security to store and control your inventory better.
Parking: must be ample so that the volume of visits is not a problem.
Natural light source: it ensures that the design of your workshop makes it possible to take full advantage of the sunlight. That way you’ll save on electricity consumption.
Once you’ve figured out how to set up your auto mechanic shop and you’re seeing the fruits of the job, analyze what your customers’ greatest demand is and what kind of work your mechanics dominate most. The engine set-up? Hojalatería and painting? If you specialize in auto repair you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

Do you still want to implement your auto mechanic workshop project? Evaluate your options and if everything goes as planned, you can be a mechanic and owner to serve your own customers. Do not stop!



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