Repair shop replacing cars brake pads

How to change brake pads safely on your car?


Changing Brake Pads Can Be a Hard and Dangerous Job if Not Done Properly 

There are things we can do to our cars ourselves without having to take them to the shop, as long as we have time and a bit of skill.

It is normal for us to notice that we have lost braking power in our cars, so it will be necessary to check the system because our vehicle may need to change the brake fluid or blow out the brakes.

The first thing to check is the condition of the pads so we will have to dismantle the wheels. Once removed, the brake pads are exposed and we can observe their wear.

After checking that the brake pads are in good condition, it is possible that air has entered the braking circuit or that the fluid level has fallen too low. It is also possible that the brake fluid has lost its effectiveness.

Repair shop replacing car's brake pads

If we clean the brakes well, we can save some money and more importantly, we will give our safety a plus as it will allow us to notice a significant improvement in braking.

To bleed the brakes, we must have the car with the engine stopped and in a flat place. We need to open the hood of the car and fill the reservoir of brake fluid according to the characteristics recommended by the manufacturer. Remember to check that it does not come down and if it were, it is possible that there is a leak so we must leave the car in the hands of a professional.

If all goes well, without closing the reservoir of the brake fluid reservoir, we proceed to purge. The circuit is in the form of an “X” and therefore the following order must be followed: back left, front right, back right, front left. Ask someone for help since someone needs to step on the brake while purging. The brake pedal must be stepped on quickly and released slowly.

When purging, we have to remove the gum from the tube that leaves the brake bell, in the tube we need to install a rubber tube that we will put in a container with brake fluid (it can be a glass jar or a container Similarly).

Then we go to loosen the screw and here is where we need help from a second person, you will have to step on the brake pedal (quick to step and slow to release). For the tube comes liquid brake, we have to repeat until we check that only liquid, not air, and then it is when you stop pressing the brake pedal and tighten the thumb screw.



The operation will have to be repeated on all four wheels of the car. There are certain models that in the front tongs carry 4 discs and we will have to purge all four.

Take your car to periodic reviews to maintain security and remembers look for the best car insurance for your vehicle, so you’ll have everything under control without spending a euro more.

Brake Pad Replacement