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You can practically smell BBQ sauce when you land at Kansas City International Airport, the starting point of this delicious trip. This metropolitan gem is known for jazz, its famous fountains and, of course, its barbecue. KC (short for Kansas City ) has its own unique barbecue style, courtesy of Arthur Bryant, who nearly a century ago introduced sweet tomato sauce and molasses that can be added on pork ribs, smoked turkey, beef pork and other types of meat. Try it at its iconic two-story brick restaurant, Arthur Bryant’s. Another must stop is Gates Bar-BQ, where for over 60 years, people have enjoyed the smoked barbecue covered with a wide variety of sauces. For a more upscale barbecue experience, visit one of three Jack Stack Barbecue locations, where you can enjoy Denver-style lamb ribs cooked in walnut-brick brick ovens and Kansas City Joes BBQ. But leave room in the stomach for your next stop, which takes the barbecue to the next level.
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Kansas City Best Barbecue

Kansas City Best Barbecue

Independence MO has some great Bar B Que as well


It may be only 10 miles east of Kansas City, but it’s worth stopping for lunch in the historic city of Independence, on the way to Overland Park. It is absolutely packed with spectacular local bbq serving. Here, relax and savor a smoked pork pie or Southern-style frail pork in A Little BBQ Joint, or sweet corn nuggets, stuffed potato skin, beef ribs, pork ribs, bone-in chicken and the delicious burnt ends at KC Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, a popular place in Kansas City that also has a booth here. At Bandana’s Bar-BQ, they cook pork, beef, chicken, and ribs for up to 14 hours over real smokers of wood, with selected noble woods that give that characteristic smoked flavor.
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