24/7 Roadside Tire Repair

A flat tire can happen anywhere. From the comfort of a clear area, without traffic, with good weather, to the narrowest gutter, with rain and cold, and far more dangerous, dusk, night or close to the road. The good thing is to be prepared for any eventuality, and now we give you a mini-guide to get you out of trouble, wherever.

Mini guide to tackle a tire puncture

Fixing the flat tire on your car

If you have a puncture in a tire it does not make sense to read this guide.
If you do not have a spare wheel, then you have to learn to use the puncture kit , but you know it has its counterparts.
In another case, learn the theory of how to change a wheel .

Roadside car safety, tire repair

Safety first, call a professional auto service pro

Typically t you have a "doughnut" and why it must follow a few guidelines that spare circular safely .
Now you know the theory, so the first thing to do is change a tire ... learn to put the triangles (and previously, the reflective vest). Try to place triangles with interest, not twisted, or half-drowned, or carefree, more than anything because you are interested that those who come, know that you are in trouble.
At this point, you can proceed. If you have a spare tire, yes, you previously have verified the tire pressure ?
Whatever your case, pay special attention to what happens on the road. Do not operate on the side where the cars circulate (that is, the left where you left the car "thrown"), and do not get distracted while you are repairing a puncture to the right, because you can go to look for something on the other side and Seriously jeopardize your integrity. If you have stopped on a narrow shoulder, it is best to move to the next point.
You can always use your insurance, call the crane and change the wheel or fix the hole or puncture. It is the most comfortable solution, but the slowest and in which you will have to loosen the cost of the service, surely. And you do not stain yourself.
All this may seem patently obvious, but often reality surpasses not only fiction but makes us reflect on how much we know (or how little). One may have tried to change a tire at home, and then To be in the middle of the mountain, with sleet freezing his fingers and sticking to the back of his neck, with a nut jammed, and finally realizing that yes, he has a spare wheel, but he has less pressure than a birthday balloon five weeks later.

So I hope this mini-guide, which is nothing more than a small collection of tips that were giving over time, be useful to you, and that at least the eyes will open about that, if we click, chances are Which turns out to be an uncomfortable and probably frustrating situation.

Professional help changing a tire on the spot