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Tips for Repairing the Windshield and Auto Glass


Some time ago they were leaving a tutorial and tricks when changing the tire, and this time we will see some tips or tricks for car windows, windshield repaired with mirrors either window etc.

In Car Blog we care for your car in the best way possible so then you will see some tips to keep the crystals and glasses car in the best possible condition

We broke the windshield, what do we do?

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The glass lift cars often broken or damaged, regardless of whether electric or manual, the trouble is that break just by opening or closing the window making remains half open.

What we can do to fix it momentarily it is to find a flathead screwdriver if we force the hands can raise the glass when the above put the screwdriver between the broken or cracked glass and the inner lining of the door, so you will achieve the auto glass to get it off.

Keep in mind that this is a momentary solution to fix the system

Frozen windshield

In case we are in a place of low temperatures and the windshield is frozen, what we can do is to use a CD case or something similar, to be able to remove the glued ice, if you have a spatula will be much easier, just do it with Be careful not to scratch and damage the windshield.

I crack the windshield, how do I stop it?

Sometimes, either by wear and tear of the material or by some blow, windshield cracks or crack, it can be a problem if this happens in the journey, to stop the crack or to continue breaking what we can do is, Pass nail polish, put several layers on both sides of the windshield, this covers the crack and prevents momentarily from continuing to crack.