What to See & Do in Tampa Florida

Although Tampa has become known for its amusement parks, it has more than a different facet to discover that is why today we will offer a small tour guide about what to see in Tampa Florida, and we hope to help you in your Next visit to this spectacular destination!

One of the most privileged destinations on the west coast of Florida is undoubtedly the Bay of Tampa. Full of character and versatility, this area known especially for one of the premier amusement centers, Busch Gardens, has much more to offer. Encouraging yourself to take a tour at your leisure will offer you a look that will differ greatly from the South Beach nightclub and Tampa Bay.

Busch Gardens Tampa Fl

Busch Gardens Tampa FL

It’s pristine and quiet beaches, as well as its historical and commercial center, as well as its small towns of Saint Petersburg (not at all like the cold Russian city) and Clearwater form a perfect vacation package, ideal for lovers of rest, but Also for those who enjoy the adrenaline, due to the ten of adventure sports that are practiced in its waters. And for those who always make space in their agenda for culture, a select museum dedicated to the brilliant Salvados Dalí awaits you.


The starting point, of course, after visiting Busch Gardens With its more than 2700 animals and the Island of Adventure park full of fun roller coasters, will be the “downtown” of the city. Take some time to shop here, whether it’s at the fun University Mall or International Plaza & Bay Street, or the choicest West Shore. Once recharged, we can continue advancing and admire the city with its large buildings and its more modern side, almost all overlooking the bay.

Then comes the moment to know more about the history of the city, where the port of Ybor City will be an important point that will allow you to understand that Spanish air that owns the city, since the first settlers of the area were just emigrants European countries. This is where you can not miss visiting Columbia Restaurant. Its varied paellas and its assorted wine cellar would be a good companion while enjoying the rhythm of flamenco notes and the sounds of the castanets that favor a spectacular live show.

Ybor City Tampa

Come Visit Ybor City in Tampa Fl

Visiting Tampa Florida

Once finished with this, the aroma of cigars will catch your attention. The reason: it is an area where the production of cigars and cigars is still latent. Do not forget to enter the small wineries you will find on the route and where you can learn to “roll” one of them and take it as a souvenir. And if after that and the night caught him by surprise, we recommend that you do not move, as the funniest part of Tampa is right on the main street of Ybor City. From small Irish-themed bars to large nightclubs with lights become a fairly complete offer for night lovers.

Other tourist attractions that must be included in its plan within this city are the museum of science and industry and the so-called American Victory Mariners Memorial and Museum Ship, museum that recall the participation that had the port and the area in the Second World War. So too, the photo art gallery is one of the most important in its field in the country.

In The Peninsula 

After enjoying downtown and the historic center of Tampa, the time has come to encourage you to travel approximately 20 km to the west by a road surrounded on both sides by the sea. After this short route, you will find the attractive peninsula formed by Clearwater and Saint Petersburg or called Saint Pete.

The compact St. Petersburg center, which has interesting restaurants, shops, and museums, sits on the south-eastern side of the peninsula and faces Tampa. From the inside, one can get to know the classic American suburbs, quiet, with people riding bicycles, skates, where outdoor fairs every weekend are common.

It is here that one of the most impressive attractions in all of Florida can be found: the Salvador Dalí Museum, which opens every day to the public. This one has more than a dozen original paintings of the famous and quite particular painter where Gala, its inspiring muse, is the main star.
Once the visit to the museum is finished, take a bath on the coast of Clearwater Florida Beach or if you do not rent for one of the many yachts that are arranged on your bank. And if time allows, northward are communities that celebrate their ethnic legacy as Tarpon Springs, colonized by fishermen with Greek roots. A complete sensorial feast of pleasures.

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