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  • Do We Have to Say That Street Racing a Go Kart is a Bad Idea?
    As long as there are going to be vehicles that are still under human control, there will be street racing. It’s not safe, it’s not very smart, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Detroit Police Chief James Craig says that his department tracks as many as 500 street races some nights. The […]
    Ronnie Schreiber
  • Money-hungry States Lining Up to Tax Self-driving Cars (Just Like EVs)
    There’s few things people living in the U.S. can agree on, but one of those things is the state of American road infrastructure. For the most part, it sucks. Eisenhower’s long gone, but his network of interstate highways, plus the spiderweb of two-lane roadways cross-crossing every corner of America haven’t grown better with age. Meanwhile, […]
    Steph Willems
  • Take It or Leaf It: Nissan is Selling Its Battery Building Business to the Chinese
    Earlier this month, Nissan announced it was in the final stages of sealing a deal to sell its entire EV battery business to Chinese investment firm GSR Capital. The sale includes battery plants in Tennessee, England, and Japan, with a preamble where the Japanese automaker has to buy up minority shares of Automotive Energy Supply […]
    Matt Posky
  • Volkswagen Won’t Sell Assets to Cough Up Dieselgate Capital, Blames Union Leaders
    Financial analysts and industry experts have been expecting Volkswagen to begin selling assets to help cope with the cost of its diesel emissions cheating scandal. The penalty for its deception may have already reached $24.2 billion, and German lawsuits could tack on another $8 billion. However, Europe’s largest automaker says it’s not interested in selling off properties to […]
    Matt Posky
  • Forget the Eclipse – Here’s the Other Woodward Dream Cruise Cars Deserving of a Little Love
    Detroit in August. Hot streets, hot cars, and no shortage of gawkers lining the sides of Woodward Avenue during the annual Dream Cruise. All that iron. All that muscle. Wall to wall desirability. Well, not quite. The Dream Cruise remains an inclusive event, meaning every proud owner of something he or she feels is unique […]
    Steph Willems
  • 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Offers Industry-First Braided Carbon Fiber Wheels For The Price Of A Ford Fiesta
    Porsche claims to be the first automaker to bring braided carbon-fiber wheels to a production car by offering a quartet of ultra-strong, ultra-light, dark grey rims as an optional upgrade on the 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series. You remember the one. It’s a regular ol’ 911, only turbocharged and upgraded to S trim […]
    Timothy Cain
  • 2017 Lexus ES300h Review – Driving It Like I Stole It, Once
    This is not a proper review, not the kind of tome presented to TTAC’s audience after a major vehicle spends a full week with one of the site’s editors. I didn’t drive the 2017 Lexus ES300h across multiple states. I didn’t resolve to land on as many beaches as possible on EV power. I didn’t […]
    Timothy Cain
  • China’s Great Wall Motors Co. Completely Open About Its Desire to Purchase Jeep, But Not FCA
    In the week that’s elapsed since initial reports surfaced of a Chinese automaker planning a takeover of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Geely, Dongfeng, and Guangzhou Automobile Group have all taken themselves out of the running. Automotive News now reports, however, that the seventh-largest automaker in China, Great Wall Motors Company, has a keen interest in FCA, […]
    Timothy Cain
  • QOTD: A Garage Full of Speed
    The average transaction price of a new car in America has long since blown past $30,000 and currently sits at $31,400 – after incentives, naturally – in the first quarter of 2017. But who wants to buy just one car? Everyone here has a short list of what they’d buy given an unlimited budget. For […]
    Matthew Guy
  • Junkyard Find: 2003 Honda Civic GX, CNG-fueled
    The compressed natural gas-burning Honda Civic GX first appeared in the United States in 1998, for sale to fleet buyers, but individuals in California were able to buy Civic GXs soon after that. In spite of its extremely clean tailpipe emissions, few Californians opted to endure the hassle of trying to refuel the GX, and […]
    Murilee Martin

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