How to change a flat tire

flat tires are dangerous

How to change a flat tire?

Need to change a flat tire, Here’s How.
What you flat tires are dangerous need for changing a flat tire, first is a spare inflated tire, a motor vehicle jack, a wheel wrench and possibly a flat piece of wood or another flat object to put under the grip if the ground is not a surface Flat. Instead of using a wheel wrench they remove electric walnut that you can buy. If you have sensitive skin like me, I recommend that you wear a strong pair of gloves to protect your hands. It also takes a bit of muscle strength to undo the nuts that hold the wheel, (with the wheel key) or use the electric instrument that uses garages to undo the nuts. However, you need to be near a source To use this tool.



First, find the right place or a suitable place at the bottom of the motor vehicle to position the baseboard. (Must be placed near the rim) There are different types of power outlets, so any type of use, increase the grip to a height that is only ready to lift the vehicle off the ground, but not beyond. However, it should be raised sufficiently so that it firmly opposes the underside of the vehicle.

Then, remove the cover cap nuts, and then using the wheel wrench, (or special electric nut removal tool) loosen the bolt nuts from the left, with the emphasis on “loose” and do not remove by full. This is because you can do it more easily when the tire is still on the ground. When the tire of the wheel is dirt and therefore it is difficult to loosen the bolts on a moving tire.

The surface shifted my tire had burst on a flat surface, thankfully, the tar, which makes it easier when using a car jack, which does not tip over a hard, flat surface.


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