Course of Automobile Mechanics and Motorcycle Repairs

Vehicle Repairing Instruction Tips

  • Engine Technology
  • Automobile Mechanics 2 tips
  • Automobile Mechanics 4 tips
  • Preparation of Competition Motors
  • Pta to Pto of Suspensions and Chassis
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Troubleshooting the engine 
  • Service and Installation of CNG Equipment
  • Air conditioner 

ASA - Auto Repair training course

  1. Higher Technician in Light Mechanics
  2. Superior Technician in Automotive Industrial Design
  3. Initial course to train as an expert in mechanics, repair, and preparation of motors
  4. Course Characteristics of Auto Mechanics

Learn from the best auto mechanic in the industry, attend the top technical training classes and learn to an ASE Study video automobile mechanics. You can learn online or in the real-world hands-on classroom.


Theoretical-practical course for all those who start in motorcycle mechanics and whose objective is to provide training and training on 2 and 4 stroke engines with the purpose of repairing and/or enhancing classic motorcycles and sports. Students who complete and approve the course will receive the corresponding certificate.

The ITM motorcycle course has been recognized for years by the motorcycle community, lovers of the two wheels, who frequent the Institute creating an atmosphere of study and camaraderie unequaled.

Upon completion and approval of this first course, the student who wants to be able to continue 5 months to deepen the mechanics, diagnosis, repair and advanced technology of motorcycles and obtain a second certificate of Advanced Mechanics and Motorcycle Electronics.


Agenda of the program (summary)

1- Historical origin of 2 and 4 stroke engines
2 - Basic principles of 2 and 4 cycle cycles
3- Engine Components
4- Using the instruments
5- Distribution System and Camshafts
Carburettors and carburation
7- Lubrication and cooling systems
8- Electronic Fuel Injection
9- Exhaust system
10- Electricity and conventional and electronic ignition
11- Frame and Suspension
12- Transmission systems
13- Lighting systems and accessories
14- Brake system
15- Wheels and tires

automobile tech school

Learn to be ASA Certified Mechanic

Prof. Andrés Calviño
Designed ITM motorcycle training courses and manuals. In the university area, he worked at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Regional Faculty of General Pacheco. He is the author of numerous technical treaties and service manuals. He published technical notes in different graphic media and specialized magazines.


Prof. Alejandro Campoamor
Current Head of Plant in Jawa Argentina. He worked as a preparer in the development of engineering and as Head of Workshop of FAMSA Argentina Motorcycle Factory 2007-2010. A former lecturer at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Regional Faculty of Buenos Aires and current Professor of ITM since 2009.

Automobile Training School and Traning Class



The main objective of Monlau Repsol is to provide the opportunity for young students to be trained as specialist mechanics in racing cars in all their specialties according to the methods, criteria, and needs of professional teams and specialized companies that act directly or indirectly in the sector of motorsport so that in the near future they can dedicate themselves professionally and thus be able to share their passion. The students are fully involved in the activities of the school, forming from the theoretical and practical point of view.


• Diploma of "Monlau Repsol Technical School" recognized by the Royal Spanish Federation of Motorsport which accredits you as a mechanic specialized in high competition vehicles. • Diploma of aptitude "Monlau Repsol Technical School".


The economic conditions of the 2016-2017 academic year are as follows: First year of Education: Tuition: To be paid at the time of enrollment. Course amount: Includes training activities according to curriculum, didactic material, workshop consumables, extracurricular activities, visits to companies, conferences and master class, clothing and school insurance.


A) Fractioned in 11 installments (from September to July, both included). B) Making the total payment of the course can benefit from a 5% discount on the total of the same. The second year of training: the same conditions of enrollment, clothing, work material, and quotas of the first year of training plus the CPI increase.


Course content

The main contents that are developed during the two academic years of formation are structured as follows:

  • Sports and technical synthesis subject
  • Subject of motor technology
  • Chassis technology subject
  • Sign of applied electricity
  • Systematic practice subject
  • Subject of Resolutive Practices
  • Subject of Applied Informatics
  • Machining subject
  • The subject of technical English.

Extra Content
With the aim of completing a full training, the Monlau Repsol School offers the student the possibility of practicing in teams of competition where the school has multiple agreements and agreements in the different disciplines of motorsport as well as in our own structures in which we are present In the main national and international championships.



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